Golden Moles Distribution Maps

To view a distribution map for each species endemic to South Africa,click on any one of the following:

Chrysospalax trevelyani Giant Golden Mole
Chrysospalax villosus Rough-haired Golden Mole
Chrysochloris asiatica Cape Golden Mole
Chrysochloris visagiei incertae sedis Visagie’s Golden Mole
Cryptochloris zyli Van Zyl’s Golden Mole
Cryptochloris wintoni De Winton’s Golden Mole
Carpitalpa arendsi Arend’s Golden Mole
Chlorotalpa duthieae Duthie’s Golden Mole
Chlorotalpa sclateri Sclater’s Golden Mole
Amblysomus hottentotus Hottentot Golden Mole
Amblysomus corriae Fynbos Golden Mole
Amblysomus septentrionalis Highveld Golden Mole
Amblysomus robustus Robust Golden Mole
Amblysomus marleyi Marley’s Golden Mole
Neamblysomus gunningi* Gunning’s Golden Mole
Neamblysomus julianae Juliana’s Golden Mole

See the composite distribution map for the following golden moles that are not endemic to South Africa. Although the composite map shows the distribution of most golden mole species, it is most useful for those species not endemic to South Africa.

Eremitalpa granti Grant's Golden Mole
Calcochloris (C.) obtusirostris Yellow Golden Mole
Calcochloris (H.) leucorhina Congo Golden Mole
Calcochloris (H.) tytonis incertae sedis Somali Golden Mole
Chrysochloris (K.) stuhlmanni Stuhlmann’s Golden Mole

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